Thank You!

This project could not have been what it is today without many individuals believing in the need for change and easy access to credible resources created by Black leaders. 

We dedicate this page to thanking those who have volunteered their time assisting us in resource collection, web design, photography, and more. You all are appreciated more than you will ever know!

Resource Collection & Misc. Help:

Mohamed Traore

Lynn LaGrone

Jennifer DeCilles

Sarah Watts

Emily S.

Robert K.

Sheila H.

Roger H.

Lucy D.

Tatiana R.

Tyson M. 



Hashim K Hashim

Nim Kaufman

Tyler Hendershot

Sydney Newton


Web Design Help:

Megan W.

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This site is home to many anti-racism resources spanning from organizations, donations, and Black businesses to educational resources, media, arts, and culture. This database is for anyone who wants more knowledge on who to listen to, how to advocate, and how to keep fighting for racial justice!

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