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Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a lot of information, how do I optimize my use of this website?

Take your time! We have organized it so you can pick and choose which specific resources are beneficial to your journey. 

What if I have a resource that may be beneficial to this site? Or want to get in touch with the collaboration team?

Please fill out the form below with your first name and your message or link. All collaborators have access to this inbox and will be working as a team to answer.

How do I know the resources are credible?

We encourage you to use any fact-check resources on anything you feel may be misinformed. 

Do I need to give credit to the creator and collaborators of this database?

No. This is a resource combined with so many different Black individuals' work. None of the co-creators have made anything for this. Just collected it into one place. We do not claim any of the resources as our own nor are we the only database, hence why we provided links to many others. We just want it to reach any and all who would benefit from this!

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