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Overhaul of Advocacy is an ever-changing database created to cut through the noise and get to the Black voices that should be centered. Our purpose is to include as many Black voices as possible, including LGBTQIA+ leaders, leaders with disabilities, leaders in the medical and mental health fields and more.

Mission Statement: To collect and share a full spectrum resource list of Black leaders, resource databases, organizations, businesses, and more in order to spark the fire of advocacy in every unique individual.


Many individuals are beginning to learn how to be better advocates; this database is intended to center the Black voices who have been working for years on just that! Feel free to suggest additions to the lists (see FAQ section for how to do so) as each are being updated regularly to maximize credibility. Submit resources you think should be added to the website, comments and/or suggestions here!

Explore your advocacy journey by getting active, social, and creative. Learn your rights as a citizen so you can fight effectively for the breakdown of White supremacy and equality of Black folx. 

Looking for more ways to get involved? Click here to head over to the events page for virtual and non-virtual seminars on advocacy, privilege, and how to be an ally. And join our OOA communities on Instagram & Facebook!

Our team would like to emphasize that this project is ongoing and is by no means complete! We will be developing new sections as time progresses. 

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Each link will connect you with another database serving a similar purpose as this one. Please, be sure to bookmark and share as many of them as you can. We believe that through working together, advocacy can be made easy! 

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out this guide: A Guide to Dealing with Resource Overload


Welcome to Overhaul of Advocacy!

This site is home to many anti-racism resources spanning from organizations, donations, and Black businesses to educational resources, media, arts, and culture. This database is for anyone who wants more knowledge on who to listen to, how to advocate, and how to keep fighting for racial justice!

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